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Venison Sausage Casserole

Warren's Recipe for Casseroled Venison Sausages

6 Venison Sausages 2 Shallots 6-8 button Mushrooms 1 small onion Bacon pieces Olive Oil Oxo Cube (Beef) 1 cup Red Wine

  1. brown the Sausages in fry pan with a dash of olive oil
  2. take out and slice into slices about 1 inch thick
  3. add the bacon pieces to crisp in the fry pan
  4. add the finely diced onion, quartered mushroom, and shallots to the fry pan
  5. put everything into a casserole dish, adding the OXO cube dissolved in a cup of water, the red wine and seasoning to taste
  6. casserole for about 1½ hours
  7. thicken to taste
  8. serve with whole or mashed potatos
  9. and any other vegetables you like ie, broccoli, peas etc

Roasted Venison

Cook venison like beef but not quite as long. Venison has very little natural fat. Add fatty bacon strips or pieces to the roasting bag. Venison does shrink quite a lot.

Serves 4

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