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KiwiWiki Quince recipes

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Quince facts


The quince (Cydonia oblonga) originates from Western Asia and has been grown since archaic times. It is in the same family as apples and pears.

The New Zealand season runs from late April to May.


Feijoas keep well in the fruit drawer in the fridge, but do not have a long life, browning on the inside and any surface damage spreading.


Quinces are easily frozen.

  • Slice quinces removing core, the skin can be retained. Put in a container to freeze.


Slice or dice quince removing core and imperfections, but retaining skin. Poach the quince in a slow cooker, and bottle.


When cooked the fruit has a very distinctive, aromatic flavour which can be strong in proudcts such as jam and paste.


Quinces are ready to eat when yellow, or when dropped off the tree. Even green quinces can be cooked if dropped from the tree early.


(per 100g of freshly picked fruit)[1] Vitamin C 15mg Energy 238kJ (45 calories) Dietary fibre 2g Sugars 15g Protein 0.4gm Fat 0.1g

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