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Vegetable Soup

Vegetable Soup

Bacon hock, small Silverbeet ½ Celery ~ 400g Dried soup mix 2 medium leeks 1 ltr Vegetable stock 2 large carrots

  • chop all vegetables
  • toss leeks in a small amount of oil or butter to soften

Cook in a large heavy based pot or slow cooker

  • add leeks
  • add pepper to taste
  • add hock and stock
  • add water to cover hock
  • add celery
  • add silver beet
  • add carrots
  • add soup mix
  • add a dessert spoon of hot curry powder

Simmer for hours

  • remove hock
  • pull meat off, discarding fat, skin, and bone
  • add pulled meat back into soup

Soup can be frozen

Serves many

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