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Starter Pack

Summary: A bundled version of PmWiki
Version: 0.1
Prerequisites: PmWiki 2.2.1
Status: Mature
Maintainer: skiwi
Categories: Skins Bundles
Discussion: StarterPack-Talk

Questions answered by this recipe

Where do I find a version of PmWiki ready to go out of the box, with proven recipe enhancements?

Here is a good place to start.

  1. download and install the current version of PmWiki
    The following may be of use:
  2. Download Δ and unzip as supplied into the PmWiki directories


PmWiki augmented with a number of proven customisations and recipes, and installed with PmWiki's

This recipe supplies the following changes to enhance the default PmWiki configuration

Skin template

A separate skin is supplied as the basis for the StarterPack. The skin consists of the file starterpack.tmpl and starterpack.css in the directory /pub/skin/starterpack/

Changes to the default PmWiki skin are:
  • the order on which CSS files are included is changed to allow local CSS to override global (PmWiki) CSS.
  • the footer is sourced from a wiki page, rather than hard coded in the template

Changes to the default PmWiki css are:

Additional page store

The StarterPack includes an additional page store, starterpacklib.d which incorporates the StarterPack documentation, and changed PmWiki pages. Details of the changed PmWiki pages are given with the recipes below.


The StarterPack configuration is


an undated Site.Upload Quick Reference page is supplied
an updated Site.Page Not Found page is supplied
a new page Template is supplied
a new page Site.ImageTemplate is supplied
a new page Upload Form? is supplied

Addition PmWiki features supported


All changes to files are clearly marked on each line with the comment StarterPack .

Recipes are chosen for the following reasons:

  • the recipe supplies or enhances generally useful PmWiki features, eg image display, rather than, say source code display.
  • the recipe is currently and actively being supported by the author or community
  • the recipe is simple and straight forward to install and maintain, is should not require much more than a simple copy of files and single line configuration file update

Release notes

See also



See discussion at StarterPack-Talk

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