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Tramping List

This list is based on a long standing comprehensive tramping list. It keeps in mind:

  • minimising weight without compromising safety is important
  • it is not expected that you will have a full set of tramping gear
  • it caters for a cold windy southerly day, where it rains all day, in conditions to the bushline.

Remember that cotton clothing is worse than useless, because when wet it chills you. Wool clothing is not much better, because while warmer when wet it retains the water and also chills. (note wool socks are OK)


  • pack, pack liner, pack cover, closed cell foam
  • first aid kit (bandaids, small roll of leucoplast, paracetamol, lite pad)
  • tiny toothpaste, toothbrush, micro towel, cloth, toilet paper (½ roll, in plastic bag), hairbrush, tiny soap
  • light sleeping bag, light sleeping bag liner (optional if heavy)
  • headlamp (led), whistle
  • plate, mug, kfs
  • small sunscreen, small insect repellent, chap stick
  • bladder or waterbottle (preferably about 1 litre)
  • map

Tramping clothes

  • boots, long tramping socks, gaiters
  • shorts (quick dry fabric)
  • parka (fully weatherproof), light overtrousers (windproof, if you have them)
  • polypro vest, T, and top

Other Clothes

  • socks, hut footwear (eg something that can be worn with socks on, jandals, light sandals, boat shoes)
  • polypro or pile balaclava, warm hat (chin tie an advantage), sun hat (chin tie an advantage)
  • small dry bag, stuff bag
  • polypro gloves
  • polypro long johns
  • pile vest, pile jacket


  • use zip lock bags for first aid kid, toiletries, sunscreen and insect repellent
  • use a dry bag for small items kept in the main pack pocket
  • a lite nylon stuff sack is useful for organising your gear

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