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Embed Facebook

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Summary: Use Facebook API to embed Facebook content into PmWiki
Version: 2024-04-25
Prerequisites: PmWiki 2.3.33, PHP 8
Status: Production
Maintainer: skiwi
Licence: GPL3[1]
Categories: Markup PHP8
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Questions answered by this recipe

How do I embed Facebook in a PmWiki page?


This recipe generates the markup to embed the Facebook API into a PmWiki wiki.

The Facebook API supports display of Facebook timeline, events, or messages.


  • download 2024-04-25-embedfacebook.php Δ
  • copy to the /cookbook/ directory as embedfacebook.php
  • add to config.php the line


Place the directive, as described below, in your PmWiki page.

The recipe provides a page variable {$EmbedFacebookVersion} which contains the current version, and page variable $EmbedFacebook for a (:if enabled EmbedFacebook:) recipe installation check.


(:embedfacebook name=facebookpage

tabs=timeline,events,messages Tabs to render, use a comma-separated list to add multiple tabs, i.e. timeline,events. Defaults to timeline
width=340 pixels, min 180, max 500, default 340
height=500 pixels, min 70, default 500
header=false show large header, default false
cover=false show cover photo, default false

Parameters are case-insensitive.

config.php settings

You can change the following in config.php. For example:

$EmbedFacebookDebug = true; # results may vary


This recipe has no internationalisation.

Change log / Release notes

2024-04-10 update for PHP 8 warnings, fix undefined variable 2022-02-22 Initial version

See also


Special thanks to Petko


See discussion at EmbedFacebook-Talk?

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