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Chord Pro-Talk

Summary: Discussion of ChordPro
Version: 2017-09-04
Status: Stable
Maintainer: skiwi
Categories: Editing, Layout, Markup, PHP55, PHP72

This is a talk page for improving ChordPro.

You can see some examples here, and a test page here.

Additional features

  • Printing is supported, see the stylesheet

Known Bugs and Issues

  • Support for generation of chord graphs (little boxes showing chord fingerings) is disabled for now. I need to prevent PmWiki from applying wiki formatting to text generated by this plugin.
  • A large percentage of the ChordPro-formatted files out there are badly formatted. This parser could allow a little looser syntax.
  • The actual ChordPro manpage seems to have been lost to the mists of time. If anyone can grab me one in HTML, that would rock.
  • I'm officially announcing that this project is on my back burner - way in the farthest back, against the wall, tucked between the tea kettle and the decade-old scent candle that I never light which my mom gave me. Whoops, it has a bit of dust on it, doesn't it. - Sproaticus? March 14, 2006, at 11:39 AM
  • I'm officially announcing that I am supporting this recipe Simon? August 2009

See also

Cookbook /
Chord Pro-Chord Sheets  ChordPro chord sheet documentation and examples
Chord Pro-Format  ChordPro Basics and text format
Chord Pro-Markup  ChordPro markup supported by this recipe
Chord Pro-Pages  A list of pages about the ChordPro recipe
Chord Pro-Sandbox  Test and try out ChordPro
Chord Pro-Talk  Discussion of ChordPro

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