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Day 0

  • ferry to Picton

day 1 map

680m to 840m
Lake Mason to North Esk

Day 1

  • drive(approve sites) to near Lake Mason on Lake Taylor Station.
  • cross the South Branch Hurunui and head up the South Branch to South Branch Hurunui hut(approve sites) - 6 hours

day 2 map

840m to 1,410m to 960m
North Esk to Candlesticks bivvy

Day 2

day 3 map

960m to 820m
Candlesticks bivvy to Lochinvar hut

Day 3

day 4 map

820m to Roche Pass 1,126m to 830m
Lochinvar hut to South Branch Hurunui

Day 4

day 5 map

830m to 680m
South Branch Hurunui to Lake Mason

Day 5

  • down the South Branch, crossing either at start of the day if the river is up, or at the end if it is not, and back to the van - 6 hours from South Branch Hurunui hut thus completing a brilliant trip
  • drive and ferry


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