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Wellington Seven Summits

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The seven summits are the highest mountain on each of the seven continents. Wellington's seven summits are the 7 summits adjacent to the greater Wellington urban area.

These are

  1. Mount Victoria 196m (and Mt Albert 134m), central Wellingon
  2. Outlook Hill 537m, south Wellington (approve sites)
  3. Mt Kaukau 446m, northern suburbs of Wellington (approve sites)
  4. Colonial Knob 468m, Tawa
  5. Belmont Trig 456m, Lower Hutt
  6. Mt Climie 862m, Upper Hutt
  7. ?

The Wellington Seven Summits challenge is to climb or traverse all these peaks.

map(approve sites)

Mount Victoria 196m

Mount Victoria and adjacent suburb(approve sites) are with easy walking distance of the city, and well served by public transport(approve sites).

You climb Mt Victoria as part of the Southern walkway(approve sites). There are great views and a lookout at the summit(approve sites).

You can also mountain bike(approve sites) Mt Victoria and part(approve sites) of the southern walkway.

The Mt Victoria tunnel runs through from the city to Hataitai.

Start from Oriental Parade, signposted just south of Carlton Gore Road. Follow the concrete path up and turn right onto gravel below some flats. Cross the path coming up from Grass Street, and further along cross the path from Hay and Telford Streets. The track rises to, and crosses Palliser Road, and then sidles the hill. Continue to where the Mt Victoria Summit track crosses, and take it to reach the trig, lookout point with informative panels, and the Byrd memorial.
Continue south along the ridge soon rejoining the Southern walkway on the right hand (west) side of the road. The track continues for a time on the left (east) side of the road. If you need to you can drop down to Mein St, or soon after you will reach Constable street.

Bonus peaks

  • Tinakori Hill 303m, central Wellington
  • Remutaka 725m, Kaitoke
  • Wainui 722m, Paraparaumu
  • Lowry 373m, Eastbourne
  • Hawtrey 343m, Eastbourne
  • Hawkins Hill 495m, south Wellington

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