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Holiday Food

for photos pages for maps page for photos pages for main page for day pages A reminder list for holiday camping trips.

BreakfastCereals Toasted muesli Cornflakes Ricebubbles Weetbix Porridge Vita crunch Porridge
 Milk Yoghurt Toast Fruit
 Spreads Marmalade
BeveragesTea Coffee Milo Hot Chocolate Herbal Teas Milk Fruit Juice Refresh
LunchBread Spreadable Butter
 Cheese Salami
 Luncheon Mayo
 Spreads Marmite Peanut Butter Honey Jam
 Lettuce Tomato Gherkins
 Cucumber Beetroot
Dinner BBQSausages Meat patties
 Kebab Chops Steak
 Tomato Sauce Salads Bean
 Bread or Bread Rolls
 Pasta Noodles Rice
 Cooking Oil Flour Eggs
BreadSliced Fruit Loaf Toast for Sausages
 Sandwich Burgen Vogels Crumpets
 Toast Bread Muffins
BiscuitsFood Bars Snacks
Paper napkinsHandy Towels
FoilGlad Wrap
Fly spray 
Kitchenbucket with lid, hand towels, handy towels, foil, glad wrap, lunch wrap
 water bottles, water container, plastic containers, plastic boxes, chilly bin and coolers, drink container
 rubbish bags, plastic bags, hearth brush
 tissues, serviettes, medicine, measuring cup and syringe
Cleaningwashing bowl, dish washing brush, detergent, sponge, tea towels, rubber gloves,
Utensilsplates, cutlery, mugs, bread knife, small and large cutting knife, scissors, large spoon, peeler, grater, tongs, chopping board, billies, fry pan, barbecue, cooking utensils, toastie pie maker, tea pot, drink containers, lunch boxes, bbq, picnic set
Foodcheese, salami, luncheon, bread, butter, pasta, noodles, rice, flour eggs, muesli, weetbix, gherkins, lettuce, tomatoes, fruit, yoghurt, cornflakes, rice bubbles, fruit juice, tomato sauce, cooking oil, mayo

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