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PmWiki road map 2011

PmWiki road map 2011

The following is intended to prompt discussion on the development of PmWiki. It looks at the following aspects of PmWiki

These are suggestions to spark a conversation from the PmWiki community.

PmWiki website

These suggestions are for the PmWiki website,, not necessarily for the release.

Add new group for skins

The coodbook group is now large. It makes sense for a separate group for skins which are a large subcategory of recipes

Add new group for Developer

Add new group for for developer and internals (merge these categories) There is a significant amount of developer documention in the PmWiki and Coookbook groups. It makes sense to separate this from the "user" oriented groups and combine in its own area.

Encourage use of the website

While the email news groups are a mine of information, there is a lack of transfer of that information to the website. Encouraging the use of the website through more use of questions and other? means pages would be beneficial. The provision of "section edit" and "page toc" might be of benefit.


PmWiki Configuration

This section covers the configutation handled by /local/config.php, group, and page config files, and the pages provided in the Sit and SiteAdmin groups.

Template content

  • make all content maintainable from the front end, eg logo, header (top bar), footer (bottom bar), page actions
  • move more configuration from config file to wiki, for example
    • ... ?

Code base

There is a tension between keeping the wiki simple (steady as she goes) and adding features (and complexity). Favour an incremental evolution of new features and improvements.

  • improve support/API for recipes
  • improve support/API for skins
  • ... ?


  • add support/documentation/APIs for recipes so there is a basic framework
  • isolate recipes more from the core allowing PmWiki's evolution to continue with less risk of breaking recipes
  • ... ?


  • remove case sensitivity
    • for markup
    • for markup directives
    • for directive parameters
    • for page names
  • wysiwyg editor
  • increase and improve consistency
    • expressions the same whether in all directives (eg if, pagelist) or as parameters
    • css and style to work the same in all span and block directives
  • improve accessibility support
    • font resizing in core
  • support skinning for different media out of box
    • pda
    • phones
  • search
    • incorporate context snippets with results returned


Can we develop some units tests for PmWiki, and for recipes, perhahs using HtmlUnit(approve sites) and PHPUnit(approve sites)


There is value in PmWiki being widely used, this encourages and supports development. To do this requires the community to support it widely, eg Wiki Matrix, Wikipedia:PmWiki, Wikipedia:Comparison_of_wiki_software

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