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Chord Pro-Markup

Within the custom markup - ||: text :|| - added by ChordPro, ChordPro directives, lyrics, and chords, are specified.

Lyrics and chords

Text represents lyrics, within which chords, signified by square brackets, viz "[C#m7]", are embedded. Unlike a wiki white space and end of lines are recognised and honoured.

ChordPro directives

ChordPro directives consist of keywords encapsulated in braces (curly brackets), viz "{keyword}". Directives are not case sensitive, must be one per line, other content on a directive line is ignored.

Preamble markup
{title:..}{t:..}Song titleFormatted as <h2>
{subtitle:..}{st:..}SubtitleUsually composer or artist, formatted as <h3>
{album:..}{a:..}AlbumUsually composer or artist
{capo:..}CapoCapo position
#Comment lineThese lines will not be displayed, must be in column 1.
Formatting markup
{comment:..}{c:..}Commente.g. 'Chorus'
{comment_italic:..}{ci:..}italic comment 
{comment_box:..}{cb:..}Comment Box 
{start_of_chorus}{soc}Start of chorusFor compatibility also recognises {start_of_choir)
{end_of_chorus}{eoc}End of a chorusFor compatibility also recognises {end_of_choir)
{start_of_tab}{sot}Start of tabFor preformatted tab etc
{end_of_tab}{eot}End of a tab 
Output markupThis recipe recogises these, but ignores them
{define:..}Defines a special chord<chord name> <position> <String6>..<String1>
e.g.: G 1 3 2 0 0 0 3
graphical representation of chords
{new_page}{np}Uses style "clear: both; page-break-after: always;"May work with some browsers
{new_physical_page}{npp}Uses style "clear: both; page-break-after: always;"May work with some browsers
['|]Vertical barUse [|]


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