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Nissan Leaf

Chademo-Yazaki-Connector.png: 250x112, 17k (2018 Sept 13 18:00)
DC Connector: CHAdeMo, Leaf inlet
SAE-J1772-Type-1-AC.png: 250x117, 16k (2018 Sept 13 18:00)
AC Connecter: SAE J1772 Type 1, Leaf inlet
IEC-62196-Type-2.png: 250x114, 20k (2018 Sept 13 18:03)
AC Connector: IEC 62196 Type 2 or Mennekes AC, NZ Charging station
Annual fuel cost of $360. Cost per year based on price per kWh of electricity $0.15 and an average distance of 14000 km

Review of the original Nissam Leaf after 10 years

Nissan Leaf information

NZ new "Leading Environmentally friendly Affordable Family" [1]
Electric Vehicle from Japan 2016 30X
Power80-kW (107 horsepower)
Torque254 Nm torque (187 pound-feet)
Energy30 kWh battery
AC Charger3.3 kW
Range~ 170km at new
Steeringrack and pinion, electrical variable assist
Traction controlyes
Stability controlyes
Seat belts5
Front suspensionindependent, Macpherson strut
Rear suspensionsemi-independent, torsion beam
All brakesdisc (ABS)
Length4.445 m
Width1.770 m
Height1.550 m
Wheelbase2.700 m
Front track1.540 m
Rear track1.535 m
Turning radius5.2 m
Weight1,515 kg
Weight distribution58% - 42% (front-rear)
Boot668 l to 850 l[2] [3]
2018-08-11 17.28.31_HDR LG6 Simon - Leaf_cr.jpg: 3890x2757, 2878k (2018 Aug 18 11:59)


  • Nissan warrants battery loss below 9 bars of capacity (70%), for the first 8 years or 160,000km in the US and in Europe.[4]
  • Estimated fuel cost per year $360, based on 14,000km and $0.15 per kWh of electicity (Energywise)
  • AC charging at home
    • 10 amp charging delivers ~2.4kw per hour[5], at 8 amps which is all that is permitted by NZ law for that type of plug[6], to charge to 80% of a 30kWh battery subtract ~5 hours from the recharge time
    • 16 amp charging delivers ~3.7kw per hour, to charge to 80% of a 30kWh battery subtract ~3 hours from the recharge time
  • 24 kWh 2010-12 Generation 1.1
  • 24 kWh 2013-16 Generation 1.2
  • 30 kWh 2016-17 Generation 1.3
  • 40 kWh 2017-18 Generation 2.1

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