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File transfer protocol (ftp) allows files to be transferred between computers. This page tells you how to use ftp.

I use it, for example, to share photographs and to update websites, as it makes it much easier to transfer multiples files at a time. Ftp is not subject to email limitations (emails are typically limited in size to about 10MB (25MB for Gmail, Yahoo, and Windows live), and due to the way emails are encoded files, especially photographs, take up more space than their actual size).

Using ftp with a browser or Windows explorer

I recommend using a ftp client, but you can use a browser such as internet explorer, or windows explorer, as follows.

  • enter the ftp url in the address field and press enter, viz entering ftp url
ftp display in browser
  • you will be prompted for your user id and password
  • the browser displays the file directories to which you have access to
    • you will only have write permissions to some folders
  • you can navigate through them by clicking
menu to open ftp in Windows Explorer
  • press the Alt key (for IE 7, 8, and 9) and the menu bar appears, select View and Open ftp site in windows explorer
  • you will then see the more familiar windows explorer view where you can drag and drop files.
ftp display in windows explorer

Using ftp with a ftp client

The windows ftp client I use is FileZilla. For a Mac you could try (I haven't) Cyberduck. It is easy to download and install.

  • after downloading and installing open FileZilla
  • from the menu bar choose File | Site Manager
  • click on New Site
  • give the site a name, eg 'kiwiwiki (example)'
  • set up your configuration as follows
FileZilla site settings
Filezilla remote directory display
  • select Save and Exit
  • click on the small down arrow beside the site manager icon to open the ftp connection
  • to transfer files
    • browse to the local and remote directories
    • select and drag the file from local to remote or vice versa

Advanced filezilla settings

Filename filters

To avoid uploading or downloading system and hidden files set up a filter.

  • from the menu bar choose View | Filename filters
Filezilla filters
  • To create a filter for hidden files click on Edit filter rules and see the image below for details
Creating a Filezilla filter

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