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Whanganui River


Bushy Park(approve sites)
Riverwoods(approve sites)
Waiwiri Shepherds Cottage(approve sites)
The flying fox(approve sites)
Rivertime lodge(approve sites)
Te Punga Homestead(approve sites) and campground
Bridge to Nowhere lodge(approve sites)
Uncle Bill's cottage(approve sites)
Blue Duck Station(approve sites) Whakahoro
Tangahoe Lodge(approve sites)
Mellonsfolly Ranch(approve sites) Ruatiti
Ashley Park(approve sites)
Mt Hiwi Lodge(approve sites)
Te Aunui farmstay(approve sites)
Fordell homestead(approve sites)
Whanganui River(approve sites)
Whanganui Journey(approve sites)

Kawana Flourmill, Waterwheel(approve sites), and Miller's Cottage(approve sites)

NZRCA Guide to the Whanganui River(approve sites)
Yeti Tours(approve sites)
Rapid Canoe Hire(approve sites)
Taumarunui Canoe Hire(approve sites)
Blazing Paddles(approve sites)

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