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Ninety Mile Beach

In summer 2006 we were heading for Cape Reinga via Ninety Mile beach. With the 4WD, and having had driver training from the local 4WD club, we weren't too worried, but there was a dearth of information, and, understandably, some of it was rather cautiously phrased to put off the bunnies, more of it is designed to encourage you to take a commercial trip.

The neat little Ahipara website had the best information with a motorist's guide to the beach and Te Paki stream.

We were were fortunate with the conditions, and there was nothing remotely challenging, getting on to the beach (at Ahipara), or Te Paki stream (which we did several times), or getting off (at Waipapakauri, paying to use the motor camp's car wash). The sand was firm, and the easterly we had probably helped keep the water off the beach.

So here are our tips:

  • the beach is a road, and road rules apply
  • check the tides, not just the time, but the height, you may be able to start as early as 2 hours after high tide. See the Ahipara tide graphs.

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