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Gutboard Blues

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By: Dave Jordan, 1969[1]

Well I'm off down the road every morning bout eight
C C7
Going down to my job, and it's a job that I hate
F Fm C A7
Hacking, cutting, gutting mutton gut on a contract basis
D7 G7
I climb into my overalls and take my place as
The boss comes along, he tells me that
C C7
I've got to strip and clip a stomach every second flat
F Fm C A7
So I bust a gut just to get the job all done
D7 G7 C
Cleaning hacking cutting mutton gut until the cows come home, so…
Sling em here, sling em there
C C7
Those guts keep a-coming in from everywhere
F Fm C A7
I'm up to my elbows in this dark green ooze
D7 G7 C F C G
I've got the slashing cutting bust-a-gutting Gutboard Blues
Now down through the chute with a slosh and a slop 
Those sheep guts drop and never seem to stop 
So I grab myself a stomach, I slit it wide 
Then I trim it and I scrape it till it's clean inside 
Then I turn on the hose and let the water run 
Toss it on the pile, and that's another one done 
The pace is hot, I stop a spot and mop my brow 
And my face has all been covered up with grass by now, so… 
Sling em here, sling em there
C C7
Those guts keep a-coming in from everywhere
I've gotta have the money, and a beggar can't choose 
I've got the sloshing slopping never-stopping Gutboard Blues 
I got hydrochloric acid eating into my head 
My hair's turning green and I smell like I'm dead 
There's fellas all around me sloshing juice on my knees 
And the temperature's a-hitting bout a hundred degrees 
I've had a gutsfull of guts, I'm telling you true 
I don't think I could stomach one more ewe 
It's a way of making money and a living, but… 
Sheep… I hate your guts, so… 
Sling em here, sling em there
C C7
Those guts keep a-coming in from everywhere
How else can I afford to live the life that I choose 
Without those acid-burning, stomach-churning, money-earning Gutboard Blues 

Created 2017 Jun 04 04:34

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