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2021-12-09 Winchcombe Biv

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Walls Whare to Cone Hut

Start: 17:32 Start elev: 176 m Max elev: 677 m Distance: 5.3 km
End: 20:12 End elev: 359 m Ascent: 510 m Avg moving speed: 2.3 km/h
Duration: 02:40 h Elev gain: 183 m Descent: 383 m Duration moving: 02:19 h

2021-12-09 Thu Walls Whare to Cone Hut

Start: 08:06 Start elev: 358 m Max elev: 1,170 m Distance: 9.3 km
End: 16:22 End elev: 1,108 m Ascent: 1,670 m Avg moving speed: 1.3 km/h
Duration: 08:16 h Elev gain: 750 m Descent: 1,041 m Duration moving: 07:24 h

2021-12-10 Fri Cone Hut to Winchcombe Biv

Brian outside Cone Hut
Cone Hut
Simon outside Cone Hut
Brian at Cone Ridge junction
Brian on Neill
Simon on Neill looking along ridge
Mossy trees
Simon resting under a mossy tree
Simon leaving the scrub line near the Biv
Brian at Winchcombe Biv sign
Simon by the sign to Winchcombe Biv
Simon by the sign to Winchcombe Biv
Brian at Winchombe Biv
Simon at Winchcombe Biv
Winchcombe Biv and the Wairarapa
view back to ridge and sign

2021-12-10 48359519001_relive_1639336704040 Cone Hut to Winchcombe Biv.mp4

Start: 07:29 Start elev: 1,069 m Max elev: 1,173 m Distance: 13.3 km
End: 16:16 End elev: 185 m Ascent: 1,138 m Avg moving speed: 1.8 km/h
Duration: 08:47 h Elev loss: -884 m Descent: 2,094 m Duration moving: 07:11 h

2021-12-11 Sat Winchcombe Biv to Walls Whare

Simon and the misty windy ridge
Mossy trees


Building Winchcombe Biv

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