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To get things done

  • Context
    • the impetus for action: opportunities, situation, challenges, rationale
  • Task
    • derived or assigned
  • '''Objectives
    • purpose, to achieve ..., what for, who for, benefits
    • preferred outcome
    • management: standards, measure of progress and achievement
  • Situation
    • resources, skills, information, experience - available and needed
    • SWOT, ideas, choices, risks, consequences
  • Action
    • what has to be done
    • plan: by who, by when, where and how
    • then just do it
  • Review, revise, replan
    • progress against expectations
    • learning lessons
    • improvement

To facilitate

  • look for things that impact cooperation and achievement
  • set clear aims to set direction and gain commitment
  • use as a framework a structured approach for
    • cooperation,
    • completing tasks, and
    • continual improvement
  • identify, use, and develop skills, strength and qualities
  • listen to, propose, and support ideas
  • review success and its reasons, repeat
  • use initiative to achieve authority

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