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Holiday List

2007-06-03 12.52.08
Original size: 600 x 800; 41 kB
Kids Camping List
  • sleeping bag, sleeping bag liner
  • pillow with double pillow case
  • toilet bag (toothpaste, toothbrush, hairbrush, hair ties, soap, shampoo, conditioner)
  • flannel, hand towel, shower cap, bath towel
  • medicines (asthma, panadol, cough mixture), oral syringe, measuring cup
  • sun screen, chap stick, insect repellant
  • bag, pack, pack liner
  • car kit (books, games, pad and pencils or crayons, activities)
  • mug, plate, cutlery, water bottle
  • wallet, money
  • books, toys
Simon and Susie at Welcome Flat Hut
Photo: Brian
2022-03-08 15.51.35; '2022 Mar 08 15:51'
Original size: 5,472 x 3,648; 10,773 kB
Simon and Susie at Welcome Flat Hut

Photo: Brian

  • underwear, socks, singlets
  • shorts, trousers
  • T-shirts, shirts, jerseys, pile jacket, sweatshirt
  • warm hat, sun hat, balaclava
  • gloves
  • togs, towel, rash top, goggles, flippers, snorkel, wetsuit
  • raincoat, overtrousers
  • pyjamas,
  • jandals, sandals, gumboots, boots, shoes or sneakers, slippers
Selfie on Courmayeur bus
Photo: Simon
2018-01-26 08.39.23; '2018 Jan 26 08:39'
Original size: 2,560 x 1,280; 990 kB
Selfie on Courmayeur bus

Photo: Simon

Tramping, Walking
  • whistle
  • torch or headlamp
  • polypro long johns, and two polypro tops, polypro balaclava
  • pile top and trousers
  • a small pack or bag that can be taken into the cave and carried on your back. This will get dirty and worn.
  • overalls or similar
  • polypro as above, thin balaclava to fit under helmet
  • gloves, not good ones (could be gardening or polypro)
  • boots or gumboots, warm long thick sox for caving boots
  • headlamp, batteries

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