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FileZilla site configuration

Very little has to be done to keep the website operational. This information covers the technical aspects, the addition and update of content is described elsewhere, see for example FAQ and How to.


The simplest method of backing up the website is to upload it to a PC using ftp software. FileZilla is recommended for this purpose.

  • Currently a backup is held by the webmaster.
  • Backup regularly somewhere between monthly and annually

To backup

  • backup the pmwiki pages and installation, and the uploaded files
    • using an ftp client transfer everything in the pmwiki directory and below from the KiwiWiki server to local storage
    • using an ftp client transfer everything in the pmwikiuploads directory and below from the KiwiWiki server to local storage
  • if required archive this data to a CD or DVD, compressing if necessary.
Website folder structure

Software updates

The PmWiki content management software needs to be kept updated by the webmaster.

The process is straight forward:

  • download the software
  • review the release notes and change log
  • check the installation instructions
  • unzip the downloaded archive, this will greate a folder with a number of subfolders and files
  • upload by ftp the contents of the pmwiki folder to the pmwiki folder on the KiwiWiki server

In addition the extensions (or recipes) need to be updated.

  • download the most recent version of the recipe
  • review its installation instructions
  • upload by ftp to the cookbook folder and other folders as required by the recipe's installation instructions


File attributes menu

New file directories

The file structure of the website is illustrated to the right. Each group of pages, and each page of attached (uploaded) files has its own directory.

Change file attributes

When a new group (of pages) is created, or files are uploaded (Attached) the permissions on the directory need to be set. This is because KiwiWiki run a very secure and locked down server.

To create a new directory use the FileZilla create directory option. Then change the directory permissions to 777, as shown.

Email addresses

KiwiWiki provides email redirection using cPanel. Email forwarders are set up to forward an email to the domain name to one or more private email addresses.

Mail Manager Main Menu

To update your email forwarders log in to Click on the icon mail icon or mail link. From the "Mail Manager Main Menu" select the Forwarders link. This will display a list of Current Forwarders. Click on the Add Forwarder link at the bottom of the page. Of the following page enter the forwarder and the destination address and click the Add Forwarder button.

Deleting files

Normally there is no need to delete files from the server. If it is absolutely necessary to delete files such as photos or uploaded documents from storage rather than not displaying them on a page this is done using FTP (file transfer protocol).

The philosophy for the website is not to delete stuff. A page of older 'archival' files or photos can be maintained if you want to keep them available.

Photos are retained for ever, just add new trip pages using a naming convention, eg "2008-12-13 Trip-X"

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