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Little libraries Values Trust Volunteering Aotearoa Conservation volunteers

Give life Organ donation Creative commons

Science commons Darwin day celebration Defend science Talk origins Richard Dawkins Climate The Brights Weedbusters Reith lectures Outward Bound Index on censorship Pandemic influenza Recorriendo Chile Solar water heating Freecycle Software freedom day Common sense media Institute for public policy research World view of global warming Keep New Zealand Beautiful Kōrero Māori Instant expert: Climate change Chilling effects (Re-)creating web history Space weather Mind Science Foundation

Living internet history, design, web, email ... Internet archive The Wealth of Networks Prostate Cancer Foundation Breast Cancer Foundation KnujOn Anti-Phishing Technology, Entertainment, design gates foundation Book Crossing Place 2 stay Hospitality club Global freeloaders CouchSurfing Electronic Privacy Information Center Privacy International Skeptic

Sustainable Living United Nations Environment Programme

Instructables Shadowserver Foundation Quake catcher network 1421 The year China discovered the world Open Society Institute Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure Knowledge Web Positive atheism Consumers International Junk food generation Street food They work for you Finding Ada World digital library New Zealand Digital Library businessballs End software patents InfoNews NZ Communities online Reach for unbleached The Freenet Project Recreation Access New Zealand Solar stormwatch Public patent foundation Computer history museum The naked scientists Khan academy 1080: the facts Howard Rheingold Future of learning Institute for the Future The Equality Trust Transition Towns Arduino, Wiring, Fritzing, Processing A history of technological innovation in New Zealand The story of New Zealand's internet Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce Periodic table of science fiction Grist Manu AO Academy Atlas Obscura Climate reality project International debate education association Thou shalt not commit logical fallacies Fallacy files Kai: Food for New Zealand Ethnologue The Public Domain review Cluetrain manifesto The GNU manifesto Scotts Last Expedition

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