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Poached Quince

Poached Quince

2 litres water 1 cup (200g) sugar ½ cup (150g) honey 1 or 2 lemons quartered 1 vanilla bean, split lengthwise 6 large, or 8 medium, quince

  1. mix water, sugar, honey, lemon, and vanilla in a large pan, putting it on to medium-to-high heat, or slow cooker on high
  2. while the liquid is heating, slice, optionally peel, and remove the cores of the quince
  3. remove anything tough or fibrous
  4. add each quince slice to the liquid as they are prepared
  5. cover the pan or cooker, but allow steam to escape
  6. simmer the quince (do not boil) for at least an hour, until the quince are cooked through, or take on a gorgeous reddy colour
  7. test to ensure they are cooked through, pierce with the tip of a sharp knife
  8. cooking time will vary, depending on the quince, it may take up to 2 hours, or more
  • serve warm, or at room temperature
  • to store, pour the quince and the liquid into a storage container and refrigerate

Serves 20 to 30 sites) sites)

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