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Great Barrier Island

Aotea (Great Barrier) Island

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  • Greta Barrier Island - human and natural history, Don Armitage, 2011, Canterbury University Press
  • Tales from Great Barrier Island, Helen Jordan Luff, 2003, David Ling Publishing Ltd
  • Images of a Nation - Great Barrier, Dave Hancock and Rob Tucker, 2011, Tucker Media

From the Great Barrier Island History Research Group

  • Captain John Gillies
  • Great Barrier Island Shipwrecks
  • True Tales of Great Barrier Island
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New Zealand's sixth largest island, of 285 square kilometres, highest point Hirakimata, 621 metres. The Department of Conservation administers more than 60% of the island. There is a permanent population of around 850 people. Located 100km northeast of central Auckland it is about 4½ hours by regular ferry or 30 minutes by air.

Great Barrier Island, so named by Captain James Cook, is part of the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park.

Department of Conservation


The island has perhaps a couple of hundred kilometres of roads. Roads are generally single lane and windy. The main roads are largely sealed, all others are metalled. Average speed on roads is 35 to 40km per hour. 4WD is an advantage on some roads. In addition there are many, signposted, private roads.

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